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Couches are good again

My couches are revitalised after what seems like years of use. Mark's couch cleaning was amazing.
- Gina

Couch cleaning with a difference

We switched to Mark after hearing about his awesome couch cleaning capabilities, and we weren't disappointed. Thanks Mark!
- Heidi

Leather Couch Cleaning

A beautiful service by true professionals at a very great price. I can vouch for their services because I have seen my leather couch transform into something absolutely beautiful and completely new! Thanks a lot.
- Debby Scudds

Couch Cleaning

Fantastic service provided by a friendly professional. Mark, you're my hero and thanks again.
- Leon

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I was not just promised 100% satisfaction but given the same as well. My couches look beautiful now!
- Amber

Professional Cleaners

We got our stained couch cleaned last week by My Home Couch Cleaner and we have to say that they are impressive. We are happy with their friendly yet professional approach. I have started passing their business cards to my friends and neighbors.
- Keira


My Home Couch Cleaner Melbourne is an excellent company that provides friendly, professional, and affordable cleaning services. I have tried them twice in last two months and have always felt completely satisfied. Couches get cleaned quickly and at a cost-effective solution.
- Kenny Grogan

Great Job!!!!

I had my really old leather couch cleaned by My home couch cleaner and was really happy with their service. Its given my couch a new lease of life. Great job guys
- Vanessa Crow

Pet Odour Removal

This morning I awoke to the terrible smell of cat urine. I found that my cat had peed on herself and through to the couch. It stank horribly and I had My Home Couch Cleaner recently at home to clean the couch so I was not really impressed. I had to admit my feline in hospital and then I came back home to deal with the mess. I tried using soda to clean the couch but failed to do anything. So I called up My Home Couch Cleaner again on a Sunday afternoon and within two hours they came to my place. The couch is drying now and the smell is gone. I'm eternally grateful for such a magical service. They are a sanity-saver!
- - Taylor

A business with a professional reputation

Stellar reputation for cleaning couches, and now witnessed first hand by yours truly. You won't regret going with Mark!
- Francisco

Couch Stain Removal

All the stains on my couch got cleaned in one go and My Home Couch Cleaner team did not even use any chemicals or toxic elements to clean our couch. I am looking forward to use their services again. – Kiara
- Kiara