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Professional Couch Cleaning Services In Sydney

 Looking for a professional couch cleaner in Sydney? Are you looking for someone who can help you with cleaning your leather and fabric furniture? Couch Cleaning Sydney team is here to help you with your couch upholstery cleaning.My Home Couch Cleaner has a successful career graph in which we have performed various couch cleaning services in this business. Customer satisfaction has been the driving force for running our business successfully for so long. 

Reasons Why Couch Cleaning Is Necessary

  • Cleaning your upholstery and couch regularly is very necessary. Upholstery and couch manufacturers often claim that the furniture should be cleaned professionally every 1-2 years; this also depends on the usage of furniture. 
  • Couch cleaning services are very essential to take care of your furniture, this is to ensure that your couch and upholstery are free from dust, dirt, yeasts, moulds, and any other allergens; Thus can cause various infections to your family.
  • Mould and odour removal is quite important in the process of cleaning. 
  • Ignoring these cleaning procedures can lead to the destruction of your furniture.
  • We can also clean urine and vomit from the couch to maintain its condition.

Steps That We Use For Amazing Results In Couch cleaning

  • Inspection: Inspection plays an important role in the process of couch upholstery cleaning. So our cleaners will primarily inspect the furniture and perform the cleaning process according to the requirement.
  • Water Extraction And Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning is the most preferred cleaning process by our team. Along with steam cleaning, hot water extraction also ensures deep cleaning. One should understand that different fabrics need different methods of cleaning. Hence, our cleaners will check out the type of fabric on the furniture and will decide on the most accurate cleaning system.
  • Removing Of Stains: Our cleaners will examine the stains and marks that are on the couch and its upholstery. Later they will use the suitable stain removal technique. Our cleaners are very well trained to apply various techniques in the removal of stains.
  • Deodorizing, Sanitization, And Protection: Our cleaners will sanitize and deodorize your furniture after cleaning the upholstery. Our cleaners also spray some couch cleaning spray on the furniture that will create invisible protection around the fibres. Hence, this will protect against the dust and stains that might occur daily.
  • Final Inspection: This is the last and final step, we will perform the final inspection, later finish it up with the cleaning process.

Our Specialities Include: 

  • Couch Sanitization: We are very well known for our couch sanitization services. We use a unique couch cleaning spray, which is very beneficial to your couch, to maintain its condition.
  • Couch Steam Cleaning: Our couch cleaning company is very famous for steam cleaning services. Therefore, we have built a community that trust us for all the cleaning services that we provide. 
  • Couch Deodorization: To get rid of foul smells, we use different couch cleaning techniques that are highly effective. As we use several deodorizers that help in getting rid of the funky smell.

Special Benefits Of Hiring Professional Experts From Us

  • You can get rid of air pollutants, yeast, odour, stains, and other things, thus that’ll make your couch dirty.
  • We improve the texture of leather and fabric.
  • We will not face the issue of regaining moisture.
  • Our expertise only uses professional cleaning equipment that is light on your furniture but is effective.
  • Our team will help in rejuvenating couches and upholstery without causing any side effects. Hence our services are quite safe for your family.

Why Choose Couch Cleaning Sydney For Your Couch Cleaning

  • We use biodegradable cleaning agents.
  • The technology that we use is the latest version.
  • Our staff members have passion for doing their work with utmost passion and are friendly.
  • We offer same-day services in the Sydney region since our working hours are quite flexible according to your convenience.
  • Our cleaners are very well trained and qualified.
  • Our couch cleaning prices are quite reasonable. 

Symptoms That It’s Time To Clean Your couch

  • Looks Worn-Out:  Your couch starts to look dull and worn-out. As it starts collecting all the dust particles, dirt, and pollutants from the surroundings. Therefore starts to look pale, it’s a sign that you need to clean your couch and upholstery.
  • Funky Odour: when your couch smells bad, it’s the time you consider hiring professional cleaners and get your couch and upholstery cleaned.
  • Accumulation Of Allergens: your couch fabric can trap dust, dirt and other allergens in larger amounts. So, if you or your family members experience sudden sneezing or cough, then it’s time you get your couches sanitized and cleaned. 
  • Pet Hair: Your furry pets can, unfortunately, aid in building up pet hair on the upholstery’s surface. It not only makes it unhygienic but also makes it look ugly.
  • Stubborn Stains: Couch Upholstery Cleaning should be considered when you observe stains on your couch. These stains might even ruin your couch look. We use couch cleaning solutions to get rid of these stains. Hence, it’s better to get it cleaned professionally.

Upholstery And Couch Cleaning Services That We Provide Other Than Couch Cleaning

  • Chaise cleaning
  • Cleaning your office chairs
  • Sanitizing and cleaning your dining chairs
  • Love seat cleaning
  • Cleaning of armchairs
  • Seat cushion cleaning
  • Couch arm cleaning
  • Corner skirt panel cleaning
  • Recliner and lounge cleaning
  • Professional sofa cleaning

Couch Fabrics That We Can Clean

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Leather
  • Hemp
  • Rayon
  • Linen
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Wool, etc.

Our Cleaners Can Help You In Getting Rid Off Various Stains Such As

  • Pet paw prints
  • Wine stains
  • Grease and oil marks
  • Bloodstains
  • Food spillage stains like sauces, tea, coffee, etc
  • Vomit stains
  • Paints, etc.

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What Makes You Choose Us? 

We offer a wide variety of couch cleaning services, thus we help you in solving the problems related to your couch and upholstery. We are here to provide better cleaning experiences to the people in Sydney. Our services are well known for people because:

  • Our couch cleaning professionals do offer same-day services as well as emergency services.
  • Products like couch cleaning solutions and sprays are organic and eco-friendly.
  • Our couch cleaning company is local and serves the people in Sydney according to their requirements; quite flexible in their timings.
  • We are the company that uses the most advanced methods in cleaning your couch and upholstery.
  • All the services that we perform are safe for your family members and pets.

To avail of our services, you can call us at 0488 839 124, and can book an appointment right away.


Q. Why is it necessary to get couches cleaned by professionals?

With time, dirt, pet dander and dust and harmful toxins build up on couch fabrics. This further causes health issues like allergies and breathing problems. Pets, kids and old people are most affected by unclean couches. So, professional couch cleaning is a better approach to keep your upholstery well-kept, clean and long-lasting.

Q. Can you get rid of all stains and odours from my couch? 

Yes, we offer couch stain removal and deodorisation treatments. By using safe and less pH based cleaners, we get rid of different couch stains such as oil, food spills, pet urine, vomit, red wine, nail polish, ink, paint, milk, etc. For old stains, we try to clean as much as possible without harming the couch’s fabric. Moreover, we also provide deodorisation treatment that allows the removal of foul and deep settled odours from the fabric. So, for a refreshed and clean couch cleaning, do call us! 

Q. Do you provide same day couch cleaning treatments in Sydney?

Yes, we make sure to offer same day couch cleaning services to all Sydney residents. Moreover, we do not ask for an extra fee for same-day treatments. Additionally, we take couch cleaning bookings 24 by 7 in Sydney. Call us and you can possibly get service within an hour of confirmed booking. 

Location: Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia