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If you are searching for a couch cleaning in Perth. Go no farther than My Home Couch Cleaner. Couches in the houses get a lot of use. And if you have dogs or children, your upholstery suffers and requires much more cleaning. While filth and stains are unavoidable in the house, they do not have to be permanent. Couch Cleaning Perth staff can make your upholstery look and feel like new. Our professionals in Perth are pleasant, professional, and wall-trained. Moreover, our mission is to take care of your requirements, surpass your expectations. And return you with upholstery cleaner than ever before and a better house. Call 0488 839 124 today for a no-obligation quotation.

Perth Couch Cleaning Services Available On Same Day

Do not stress if you are dealing with a big problem and need a couch cleaning service in Perth within a few hours. Since we can assist you! Our professional Couch cleaners will be at your home within a few hours. We will arrive at your location within one hour. Thus we can give our services to you on the same day. Our professionals are here to assist you. To use our unique services, simply contact our toll-free number.

Reasons Why You Need Couch Cleaning

  • The couch must be cleaned on a regular basis. It maintains its hygiene and durability. One must give a professional couch cleaning at least once a year.
  • Since it is a one-time investment on couches. As a result, it is appropriate to take care of your pricey furniture and prevent dust mites, dirt, yeasts, moulds, and other allergies from making a home there.
  • Clearly, a lot occurs on your couch, and sometimes stink makes it all too clear. Professional couch cleaning aids in the removal of scents by eliminating the source. 
  • If the couch is unclean and dirty, the guest of the house will not feel clean. The simple answer is to have your couch steam cleaning specialist by us.
  • Regular upholstery cleaning reduces dust and enhances couch durability. Ensuring that your couch lasts much longer.

We Use These Steps To Clean A Couch And Get Amazing Results

  • Inspection – No two pieces of furniture are alike, just as no two persons are alike. As a result, our qualified professionals will evaluate your couch first and then devise a cleaning strategy based on your preferences and agreement. 
  • Steam Cleaning And Water Extraction – Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are our recommended cleaning methods. Since they offer the most deep clean possible. However, we appreciate that some materials require a more gentle cleaning procedure. Our cleaners will apply the most suitable cleaning procedure after inspecting the material of your furniture.
  • Stain Removal – Our cleaners will examine any difficult spots and apply the best stain removal approach. Our professionals have been trained to remove any stains. 
  • Couch Drying- We have power vacuum machines to aid in the drying process. Since it takes a lot of time to dry. Our machinery makes it more effective. 
  • Deodorising, Sanitising, and Protection- After washing your upholstery, our technicians deodorise and sanitise it. The scotguard protection is sprayed on the couch. Forming an invisible barrier around the fibres. This acts as a barrier against everyday debris and spills. 

Finally, we execute the final check and complete the cleaning procedure.

6 Signs That Your Couch Upholstery Needs Cleaning

  • Worn-Out Look
  • Unwanted Smell
  • Increased Allergies
  • Stubborn Stains
  • Pet Hair
  • Discomfort

The Couch Cleaning Services We Offer

Our firm is among the most reputable Couch Cleaning Perth companies. We are Perth’s leading source of couch steam cleaning, sanitization, and deodorization services. Take a glance into what sets our offerings unique:

  • Couch Steam Cleaning: We begin our couch steam cleaning by vacuuming the couch. The stain removal process is then followed by an efficient steam cleaning procedure. Couch steam cleaning is by far the best and least time-consuming solution available today. 
  • Couch Deodorization: We include an excellent couch deodorization treatment to eliminate all unpleasant odours. As a result, we spray fabric-friendly deodorizers that are harmless for both you and your household. 
  • Couch Sanitisation: Sterilising the couch is an important part of any cleaning, and that we are experts at it. We fully clean your Couch upholstery by utilising high-quality sanitisers. It aids in the prevention of allergies and skin problems.
  • Couch mould removal: If you see any mildew growth on your couch. We are here to eliminate them. Thus get in touch with the Couch Cleaning Perth team.

The Significance of Employing Expert Couch Cleaning Services! 

Couches are the focal point of the home. It is the most comfortable spot for each individual. As a result, it is an excellent investment. As a result, hiring expert Couch cleaning services is necessary. Professional Couch cleaners can assist you with the following tasks: 

  • Couch cleaning technique that is cutting-edge 
  • Use a high-powered vacuum to clean the couch. 
  • Give your couch a new makeover. 
  • Couch cleaning specialists are well-educated and well-trained individuals. 
  • Couch cleaning services are reasonably priced.

Different Upholstery Cleaning Services That We Provide Other Than Couch Cleaning

  • Chaise Cleaning
  • Office Chairs Cleaning
  • Love Seat CleaningArmchair Cleaning
  • Corner Skirt Panel Cleaning
  • Dining Chairs Cleaning
  • Seat Cushion Cleaning
  • Couch Arms Cleaning

We Remove a Wide Range of Couch Stains 

Many marks are so persistent that they are nearly impossible to remove. Our staff can assist you with 

  • Grease stains
  • Oil stains
  • Red wine stains
  • food spills stains
  • Paint marks
  • Bloodstains on couch
  • urine stains
  • Ink stains
  • Muddy stains and many more

We Clean Various Couch Upholstery Fabrics in Perth 

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic 
  • Linen 
  • Wool 
  • Rayon
  • Viscose 
  • Slik  
  • Leather  
  • Cotton and many more

Get Our Affordable Couch Cleaning Services All Over Australia

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Couch Cleaning SydneyCouch Cleaning Hobart

Why Choose Us? 

  • A friendly and well-trained workforce: The couch cleaning team takes great care to give you the best and most satisfying services. 
  • Natural cleaning solutions: Our staff utilise natural and eco-friendly cleaning materials. 
  • 24 Hour Service: Furthermore our couch cleaning professionals can assist you in obtaining our services on the same day. To use our unique services. Simply contact our toll-free number. Also, we will arrive at your location within 24 hours. 
  • Long-term outcomes: Since we have trained and competent professionals, we will provide you with long-term results. 
  • Economical: Moreover, our couch cleaning prices are really reasonable. So, without further waiting, call us on our phone number.


Q. How much time does a couch take to dry after deep cleaning? 

Post deep cleaning, a couch takes about 8 to 12 hours to get dry fully. Well, you can easily cut down the drying time to half by switching on the fans and opening windows and doors to create a good airflow and thus boosting couch drying. We have more facilities for quick drying. 

Q. What is the best way to clean couch fabrics? 

An easy DIY method to clean couch fabrics involves using baking soda. You can brush the couch using a white towel or a soft-bristled brush. Later sprinkle baking soda for about 20 minutes and then wipe the couch and let it dry. If the results are not satisfactory, try calling out our professional couch cleaning service in Perth. 

Q. Can you remove pet urine and smell from my couch? 

Yes, we can. Our couch cleaners are professionals at clearing out urine stains from upholstery. You can rely on us for a quick and affordable couch sanitisation and deodorization service Perth-wide. 

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