Couch Cleaning Perth

Expert Couch Cleaning Services Within Your Budget In Perth

If you are on the lookout for an affordable yet best upholstery cleaning service in Perth, then My home couch cleaner is the place for you. Offering professional couch cleaning services for a long, we are a company you can rely upon. We believe that the key to a happy home is cleanliness. Hence, we help in making all types of upholstery- be it a couch, leather sofa, fabric lounges, or any other type clean. You can feel the difference and enjoy a healthy environment instantly after availing of our services. We not only treat your couches but also help you maintain them for a very long time. Hence, be it cleaning, protecting, or restoring, our experts can take care of it all.

Moreover, our upholstery cleaning services can help you maintain your home clean without costing you a fortune. We have different methods for different types of upholsteries which you can avail. Moreover, our experts will themselves suggest to you the best method depending upon the requirements. Avail of our general cleaning, steam cleaning, or dry cleaning methods without burning a hole in your pocket. Our technicians are experts at cleaning all types of upholsteries, regardless of the material and size. So contact us and let us know your requirements.

Couch Cleaning Perth

Details About Couch Cleaning Process We Use In Perth

Although there are many companies, what distinguishes us from the rest is our attention to detail. We make sure that the best quality is ensured. Additionally, we are a leading company which is also evident from our client reviews. We have a wide network of happy customers. Here are some of the things we do to make your couches not just clean but also aromatic and stylish at the same time-

  • The first step will be a thorough inspection. Our cleaners will inspect the type of material your upholstery is exactly made up of.
  • They will then pre-treat the stubborn stains and patches using efficient stain removers.
  • Our experts will then inform you of the method which will best suit your upholstery.
  • We will then perform the cleaning procedure and inspect your couches for one final time. Hence, we will make sure that there are no spots, dirt or whatsoever.
  • The results will be clean, odor-free and sanitized upholstery which feels fresh and looks nice.
  • You can also avail additional protection by availing our Scotchgard protection services. This adds a layer which is actually a protective coat to prevent new stains and make cleaning easier.
  • Leather Sofa Cleaning Services In Perth

Leather Couch Cleaning Service In Perth

Leather couch upholstery can get tricky to clean. But worry no more! We at My Home Couch Cleaner make use of professional cleaners and detergents to give your leather upholstery a new-like look. Moreover, our mission is not just to clean the upholstery but also to sanitize it and restore it back to its original form.  We believe in elongating their life and make your investment a worthy one.

Best Fabric Couch Cleaning Services By Experienced Cleaners

Cleaning spots and stains from the fabric couch can be quite a tough job. Moreover, treating stains from them can consume a lot of time. Hence, we have an expert team of cleaners who can help you out in your endeavor. Our cleaners not only possess the necessary skills but also maintain hygiene standards. They are always ready to answer any query which you might have. Moreover, they are hardworking and believe in giving their best. Hence, they will ensure maximum satisfaction and also give you quality assurance.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services in Perth

Same Day Couch Cleaning Service In Perth

We understand how each moment is precious in today’s fast-paced world. Hence, we have an option for same day couch cleaning for our clients. This means that our clients do not have to wait for ages to avail themselves of our services. As soon as they make a call and fix an appointment, we will send our executives straight away. Want to organize a last-minute birthday party at home? Simply give us a call and we can help you in forming a good impression. Moreover, you can avail of our services any day and any time as we are available 24*7 including weekends and public holidays. You can also avail of our services by hiring our professionals for same day couch cleaning in Canberra.

Book Us Now And Let Us Save Your Day And Couch

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us anytime. Simply give us a call on 0488 839 124 to book an appointment. Apart from 24*7 availability, we also offer same day emergency upholstery cleaning services which you can avail of any time. Hence, we are your best partner to maintain your upholstery for a long duration.

  • We value our customers. Hence we pay special attention to detail and follow an effective approach.
  • Best quality is our top commitment. We never compromise with it. It is due to this fact that most of our customers come through recommendation by some other client.
  • We value your hard-earned income. Hence, we charge a very nominal fee for our expert services.
  • We provide great results and 100% quality assurance. Your couches will be new-like again.
Steam Cleaning Services in Perth

Give us a call and talk to our experts now! Make your upholstery new-like again and say goodbye to dirty couches with stains! Pay only when you are satisfied with our services.

Signs That Proves That Your Couch Needs Cleaning

Couch upholstery fabrics can easily retain anyone’s attention if it is dirty. However, certainly easy to notice symptoms of couch cleaning requirements are mentioned below: 

  • It becomes itchy: If your upholstery doesn’t feel comfortable & if you are finding it a little itchy, there is dirt and soil present. This simply means it’s time to get it cleaned by professional cleaners.
  • It Appears Dirty: With dark looking upholstery, it’s difficult to identify whether it is dirty or not. But, if it is of light colour, dirt is easily identifiable. So, if you are noticing some dirt on the upholstery, get it refreshed by professionals. 
  • Pet Odour: Is your upholstery smelling funky? If yes, it may be because of the recent spill or pet pee! When the upholstery starts to smell bad, it’s surely the time for cleaning.
  • Stains: If there is only a single stain you may clean or ignore it. But if the upholstery stains are in plenty or bigger in size, it is a green sign for couch upholstery cleaning.

Couch Steam Cleaning, Sanitisation, And Deodorisation Are Our Expertise

Our Couch Cleaning Perth team of specialists is famous for its quality services. Major services that keep trending are- Steam Cleaning, Sanitisation, And Deodorisation. Let’s check a little about them below: 

  • Couch Upholstery Steam Cleaning: In this, we first pre-vacuum your upholstery, then use cleaning solutions followed by intensive cleaning by steam. The results are always worth watching! Additionally, you get superior-quality steam cleaning service at a minimal price!
  • Couch Upholstery Sanitisation: Our Couch cleaning Perth team satisfies the client by offering a standard sanitisation service. Hereby, we spray disinfectants on your upholstery as soon as we finish cleaning it. 
  • Upholstery Deodorisation: Incredibly soiled upholstery not just looks bad, but also smells really awful. Hence, we have come up with a special upholstery deodorization service for you. Call us and we will turn your upholstery more pleasing to be around. 

Types Of Upholstery Cleaning Services Other Than Couch Cleaning That We Offer In Perth

  • Sofa Cleaning: let our sofa upholstery cleaning Perth team give you quick and reliable service. We as a local sofa cleaning company have cleaned hundreds of sofas in Perth. 
  • Chaise Cleaning: We can help you with extended chairs cleanings too. Yes, considering your chaise cleaning needs in mind, we have designed a separate affordable chaise cleaning service.
  • Dining Chairs Cleaning: Our Perth clients often book us for dining chair cleaning services. If just the seat of your dining chair is dirty or feeling a bit uncomfortable, call us today!
  • Office Chairs Cleaning: Having a special meeting this week? But are the seats dirty? No problem, our office chair cleaning Perth service got you covered. We offer emergency office upholstery cleanings at reasonable prices. 
  • Love Seat Cleaning: We can also clean the love seat of your’s by using specially designed fabric-friendly solutions. Please note- all of our upholstery cleanings are natural and deliver long-lasting cleaning results. 
  • Recliner Cleaning: If you are looking for recliner upholstery cleaning providers, then we can be the right option for you. Furthermore, we are equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques to give you the best cleaning outcome.
  • Lounge Cleaning: Is your favourite lounge giving you less comfort or looking dull? If yes, you may avail of our quick lounge cleaning service today. Additionally, our lounge cleaners are local and take bookings 24 by 7. 
  • Armchair Cleaning: Your delicate armchair cleaning needs can also be fulfilled by us. Our company runs through and safe armchair cleaning Perth services. 
  • Seat Cushion Cleaning: Get your seat cushions fluffier and healthier by us. Our upholstery cleaners are skilled in providing same day and satisfactory seat cushion cleanings in Perth.
  • Couch Arms Cleaning: Some of the couch arms are too tough for you to clean. And hence, we have trained our upholstery cleaners to clean the couch arms by using minimal water for you. Choose us for a rapid couch cleaning service today! 
  • Corner Skirt Panel Cleaning: Choose us for a corner skirt panel dry cleaning service now! Our upholstery cleaners are licensed and regularly trained in tackling all corner skirt panel cleaning needs. Call us for more! 

Couch Upholstery Fabrics That We Clean In Perth 

My Home Couch Cleaner can tackle all your upholstery fabric cleaning and drying needs. Certain natural fabrics like linen and cotton cleaning take much longer to clean as they are sensitive to cleaning solutions. So, for such fabrics, it’s preferable to appoint professionals if you have quality time for us to clean. However, we have maintained a record of safe and green upholstery fabric cleaning services. 

You can surely rely on us as we have been working with upholstery cleaning experts who hold years of profound experience in the industry. Certain upholstery fabrics that we clean in Perth are cotton, wool, silk, acrylic, leather, rayon, polyester, linen, and nylon, etc. 

Get Rid Of All Your Couch Stains Now! Stain Removal Specialists In Perth

As long as you continue to use the couch, it gets soil and stains. You just can’t resist stains from the upholstery. But, you can surely book us for an effective upholstery stain removal service at regular intervals in Perth. Certain upholstery stains that we can vanish easily are wine, grease, blood, pet pee, urine, vomit, coffee, mud, mould stains, nail polish, paint, dye, and ink, etc. Also, all such stubborn stain removals you get at a very reasonable price! 

The Upholstery Cleaning Process For Best Results 

  • Pre-Inspection Of The Upholstery: Your desirable upholstery gets thoroughly inspected by our cleaning experts.
  • Choosing The Right Cleaning Method: Post inspecting the fabric, soils and errors, we choose the cleaning plan. It can be dry cleaning(least water usage), steam cleaning (minimal water usage) or upholstery shampooing (a lot of water involvement).
  • Stain Removal & Cleaning: Then, we remove all the tiny to large stains present on the upholstery fabric. It involves extracting stain marks from the bottom, not just the surface!
  • Sanitisation & Deodorization: we then sanitise and deodorise the upholstery. Furthermore, it enhances the upholstery surrounding too. 

Post Inspection Of The Upholstery: Not just this, after the cleaning completion, our upholstery cleaning experts re-inspect the upholstery for left out spots. (if any)


Will my flooring or carpet be protected while you do upholstery cleaning?

Yes, absolutely! We always make use of waterproof sheets to safeguard your flooring or carpet below. This prevents any harm to the flooring while we use upholstery cleaning solutions, sprays, or water on the upholstery!

Can you apply a stain protection layer to my couch following cleaning?

Yes, if you want it like that, our Perth upholstery cleaners can layer stain protection. However, since it is a solvent-based solution, it is always applied once the couch or upholstery is fully dried.

How long does it take for my couch to dry?

The drying time totally depends on the cleaning method used. With the use of steam cleaning or hot water extraction, the drying time is very minimal. However, you can evaluate the estimated drying time of the couch on basis of the following conditions: 
Kind of upholstery weave, pile, and fabric
Airflow in the home/room
Humidity level and outside temperature

Location: Perth, WA, Australia