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Couch Cleaning Hurstbridge Special Offer starting from $79 Home Upholstery Cleaning, we service Sofa Cleaning, Couch Cleaning & Dinning Chairs Cleaning

  1. Our Upholstery Cleaning Products are eco-friendly safe for kids
  2. We provide professional same day couch cleaning service
  3. We provide leather or fabric Upholstery Cleaning & Protection
  4. We provide Cleaning Services across Hurstbridge 3000
Couch Cleaning Melbourne

Couch Cleaning Melbourne

Expert Couch Cleaning by My Home Couch Cleaner

Are you looking for expert couch cleaners in Hurstbridge 3000 for your expensive furniture? Do you want professional help to restore your fabric and leather furniture? My Home Couch Cleaner is a one stop shop for all your couch cleaning related problems. We have been successfully providing couch cleaning in Hurstbridge 3000 for more than ten years. Our valuable customers come to us for our immaculate cleaning services and our extreme professionalism in every task that we take.

Reason of Couch Cleaning

Just like a carpet, upholstery too needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Manufacturers suggest that upholstered furniture should be professionally cleaned in every 12-24 months as per the usage. Furniture is a big investment and it takes a great deal of time to find what you love. Therefore, it is reasonable to take care of your expensive furniture and ensure dirt, dust mites, moulds, yeasts, and other allergens do not make it their home. Ignorance on your part could lead to destruction of your valuable furniture.

We are known for inculcating new life to every piece of furniture in your residential or commercial premises. We specialize in steam cleaning, lounge cleaning, carpet and couch cleaning, sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning. We can even clean vomit from couch and clean urine from couch. From that dining table chair to your favorite couch we are equipped and qualified to handle every kind of upholstered and leather furniture.

Methods Couch Cleaning

We follow an organized method for couch cleaning at My Home Couch Cleaning Hurstbridge 3000:

  1. Inspection – Just like two people, no two furniture items are same. So, our certified technicians will first inspect your furniture and accordingly chart out a cleaning plan as per your convenience and agreement.
  2. Water Extraction – Our most preferred cleaning process is water extraction as it ensures deepest possible cleaning. But we do understand that certain fabrics need a delicate method of cleaning. Once our cleaners check out the fabric of your furniture, they will use the most appropriate cleaning system.
  3. Stain Removal – Our cleaners will scrutinize all the tough stains and implement the most apposite stain removal method. We have trained our technicians in chemistry to enable them to get rid of the root of such problems.
  4. Drying – Though the drying time varies depending upon the fabric and cleaning method employed, it usually takes 6-12 hours.
  5. Deodorizing – My Home Couch Cleaner Hurstbridge 3000 professionals deodorize your furniture once the cleaning is done. The protector is sprayed on the furniture creating an unseen obstruction around the fibers. This provides a protective layer against day-to-day wear and tear, dust, stains and dry soul.
  6. Odor Removal – We even have deodorants to remove all sorts of odor from your furniture. We not just clean the upholstered furniture but ensure it looks great and just like new again and stays so for a longer time period.

    Couch Stain Removal Cleaning Hurstbridge

    Couch Stain Removal Cleaning Hurstbridge

Benefits of Couch Cleaning

Hiring professionals from My Home Couch Cleaning Hurstbridge 3000 for your couch cleaning needs has numerous benefits. You will get rid of:

  1. Dust mites
  2. Dirt
  3. Air pollutants
  4. Moulds
  5. Yeast
  6. Odor
  7. Stains

And once we are gone you will be surprised that the cracks and crevices of your furniture as clean as they were when you first brought your upholstered furniture.

Apart from that, there are other benefits of couch cleaning such as:

  1. New life
  2. Fresh smell
  3. Better extended life of furniture
  4. Improved softness of leather furniture
  5. Moisture regain of leather furniture

Cleaners and conditioners available in the market for leather furniture could actually do more harm than good to your furniture. We at My Home Couch Cleaning Hurstbridge 3000 use only professional leather cleaners, protectors and moisturizers that are soft on your furniture. A visit from our trained professionals can rejuvenate your couches and other furniture items without any side effects.

Couch Odor Remover Services Hurstbridge

Couch Odor Remover Services Hurstbridge

Why My Home Couch Cleaners

We are not just any other couch cleaners in Hurstbridge 3000. Our quality customer service, professionalism, keen eye for detail, and respect for our customers are some of the features why people trust us for their cleaning needs. Here are some reasons why you should choose My Home Couch Cleaners as your new cleaning buddies:

  1. Biodegradable Cleaning Agents – We do not hurt our environment by chemicals and thus we use ONLY biodegradable cleaning products for all sorts of upholstery and leather furniture cleaning.
  2. Latest Technology – We have the latest technology available with us to offer you the best cleaning solutions for all sorts of fabrics – cotton, leather, polyester or any alloy.
  3. Friendly Staff – Our friendly team works to satisfy your expectations and fulfill all your cleaning requirements. They have just one passion: do their job with utmost dedication.
  4. Emergency Service – We offer same day and emergency cleaning service in Hurstbridge 3000 and we are happy to adjust our couch cleaning services as per your convenience.
  5. Guaranteed Result – My Home Couch Cleaning provides you the best of quality couch cleaning at a cheap price. We are locals in Hurstbridge 3000 and this gives us an additional advantage to serve you better and give guaranteed results.

Call us for a free quote and you will be surprised to know our affordable prices for couch cleaning in Hurstbridge 3000!

Couch Cleaning Services Hurstbridge

Couch Cleaning Services Hurstbridge

My Home Couch Cleaner Pty Ltd Quality Policy Statement

My Home Couch Cleaner Hurstbridge has been qualified and certified as conforming to the requirements set by AS/NZS ISO 9001 for services like couch dry cleaning, couch stain removal, couch water damage restoration, and couch steam cleaning.
Being a top-notch cleaning service provider in Hurstbridge, My Home Couch Cleaner continuously works towards providing supreme level of quality. This organization aims to supply the clients with incomparable and safest cleaning services while making sure that their requirements and expectations are properly fulfilled.
We, as a company, support this commitment by spending on training and development our staff so that they learn the company goals and ensure that they are appropriately maintained and executed in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001.
To achieve the above objectives, we are always committed to nonstop upgrading of not just our services but our processes too.
As per the AS/NZS ISO 9001 obligations, the employees of My Home Couch Cleaner Hurstbridge will be responsible for couch dry cleaning, couch stain removal, couch water damage restoration, and couch steam cleaning and they will also be responsible for delivering quality service.

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Lowest Prices for Couch Cleaning

Hurstbridge’s most affordable prices and most efficient couch cleaning are available at My Home Couch Cleaner. We are a local company working in the cleaning industry for over twenty years. Couch cleaning is one of our specialties and we do offer upholstery and sofa cleaning services too. We have a complete range of upholstery cleaning services that can clean all sorts of fabrics including microfiber, leather, velvet etc. No matter what kind of fabric your couch is made of, we have the means, knowledge, and experience to rejuvenate it.

Our Couch Cleaning Process

To maintain consistency and quality standards at My Home Couch Cleaner, we have trained our technicians to adhere to the following procedure at all times:

  1. Inspection: The first step that our certified cleaners perform as part of couch cleaning is to inspect the couch to be cleaned thoroughly. We need to take into consideration the fabric of the couch, extent of cleaning required, types of stains on the couch, and other similar things to work appropriately.
  2. Dry Soil Removal – To remove all dry particles, we have powerful vacuums that ensure no dry particle is left on the couch once we are done. This removes soil, dust and even contaminants.
  3. Stains Removal – The stains are pre-treated at this stage for complete stain removal. An eco-friendly agent is used to remove stains and agitators are used to make certain that solution goes deep within the fabric.
  4. Washing – For washing the couch we always use hot water extraction method. Cleaning solution is mixed with water and it is used with high pressure on the couches. Powerful vacuums are used to extract this water based cleaning solution that eliminates all particles, germs, bacteria, and other pollutants along with it.
  5. Drying – Finally when cleaning is done our experts use industry level machines to quick dry the couches for use again.

My Home Couch Cleaner offers you professional, affordable, and guaranteed couch cleaning services anywhere in Hurstbridge, as we serve all suburbs. We deliver cleaner, healthier, and stain free couches through our proven cleaning techniques and latest cleaning tools. Call us for free quote!

Couch Cleaning

Fantastic service provided by a friendly professional. Mark, you're my hero and thanks again.
- Leon

Couch cleaning with a difference

We switched to Mark after hearing about his awesome couch cleaning capabilities, and we weren't disappointed. Thanks Mark!
- Heidi

Leather Couch Cleaning

A beautiful service by true professionals at a very great price. I can vouch for their services because I have seen my leather couch transform into something absolutely beautiful and completely new! Thanks a lot.
- Debby Scudds


My Home Couch Cleaner Melbourne is an excellent company that provides friendly, professional, and affordable cleaning services. I have tried them twice in last two months and have always felt completely satisfied. Couches get cleaned quickly and at a cost-effective solution.
- Kenny Grogan

Couches are good again

My couches are revitalised after what seems like years of use. Mark's couch cleaning was amazing.
- Gina

Pet Odour Removal

This morning I awoke to the terrible smell of cat urine. I found that my cat had peed on herself and through to the couch. It stank horribly and I had My Home Couch Cleaner recently at home to clean the couch so I was not really impressed. I had to admit my feline in hospital and then I came back home to deal with the mess. I tried using soda to clean the couch but failed to do anything. So I called up My Home Couch Cleaner again on a Sunday afternoon and within two hours they came to my place. The couch is drying now and the smell is gone. I'm eternally grateful for such a magical service. They are a sanity-saver!
- - Taylor

Professional Cleaners

We got our stained couch cleaned last week by My Home Couch Cleaner and we have to say that they are impressive. We are happy with their friendly yet professional approach. I have started passing their business cards to my friends and neighbors.
- Keira

Couch Stain Removal

All the stains on my couch got cleaned in one go and My Home Couch Cleaner team did not even use any chemicals or toxic elements to clean our couch. I am looking forward to use their services again. – Kiara
- Kiara

Great Job!!!!

I had my really old leather couch cleaned by My home couch cleaner and was really happy with their service. Its given my couch a new lease of life. Great job guys
- Vanessa Crow

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I was not just promised 100% satisfaction but given the same as well. My couches look beautiful now!
- Amber

A business with a professional reputation

Stellar reputation for cleaning couches, and now witnessed first hand by yours truly. You won't regret going with Mark!
- Francisco

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