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My Home Couch Cleaners’ biggest priority, be it in the past or present, is to always equip ourselves with advanced couch cleaning service tools; and also train our couch cleaning professional on how to use them. But why do we prioritise this? Because with the use of the latest equipment from the market is when we can be assured to give the best results to our clients. As the stake on couches is huge, many of them don’t want to replace them again and again. So, this is when you have an alternative option such as Couch Cleaning Hobart services to choose from us. To get a trusted couch cleaning at home at low couch cleaning prices, you can dial to call us at 0488 839 124.

Reasons There Is A Need For Hiring Experts For Couch Cleaning

  • To clean your couch regularly, specifically for every 12 to 24 months
  • Save your family and yourself from health risks because of the couch mould
  • Get back to your comfort level you deserve
  • Make your couch look healthy and as fresh as a new one 
  • Main importantly, to give your couch a longer life! 

For Amazing Results, We Follow A Standard Couch Cleaning Procedure

  • Inspection And Vacuuming: It is important to get rid of large particles of dust and hair from the couch after inspection. So, we do just that using specialized roller and high-grade vacuum cleaners. 
  • Pre-Spraying: After getting rid of the surface dirt, we use couch cleaning spray to perform a pre-spray method. Because it helps in getting rid of surface stains. 
  • Scrubbing: Next, we agitate the couch fabric carefully using a selected brush for scrubbing. As a result, if there are any oil particles on the couch, this scrubbing breaks and dissolves them. 
  • Hot Water Extraction: The most important step of our couch cleaning Hobart service is to use hot water extractors. With the help of extractors, we will eliminate all the dirty solutions and cleanse the couch to make it look fresh. 
  • Post-Inspection: Finally, when we get rid of all the stains, odours and mould from your couch, we do a post-inspection and later disinfect the couch. 

Signs It’s Time To Clean Your Couch With Professionals’ Help

When you notice the below in your couch, it is time you ask experts help for couch cleaning:

  • Unpleasant Odours
  • Touch stains
  • Increase in mould growth leading to allergies
  • Want to re-upholster for its old look
  • Facing discomfort when sitting and lying

Special Couch Cleaning Hobart Services We Offer Are

Couch Cleaning Hobart team of experts are your best to go, professionals, when it comes to couch cleaning service. So, take a thorough look at what we offer. 

Couch Steam Cleaning Service

We have the best deep couch cleaning service for the residents of Hobart, that is, steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is a process that entails hot water usage for getting rid of germs and stains from the couch. In fact, steam couch upholstery cleaning works effectively for the couch fabrics such as wool, cotton, polyester and a few other types. But if you have delicate couches made of silk or linen, we will regulate and control the water pressure to avoid causing damage. 

Couch Deodorization Service

Couches are those parts of your house which you use daily, be it whole watching TV or else your kid doing his homework. However, everyday use of couches for such purposes will make it smell bad and also release those odours around it. Have you tried all the DIY tricks you can to get rid of the bad odours coming from your couch but are not satisfied with the result? No Worries. We have a special, natural smelling couch cleaning spray and couch cleaning solution to make your couch smell good. 

Couch Sanitization Service

Cleaning your couch with a household cleaner instead of a hassle-free couch cleaning professional service will not risk the number of germs on the couch. In most cases, the cleaner you use can only get rid of the germs on the couch surface area. But what about the germs, mould and mildew that are embedded in the deeper layers of the couch where your hands can’t be reached? Hence, we can be your couch cleaning company for couch sanitization at Hobart. 

Other Upholstery Cleaning We Do In Addition To Couch Cleaning

  • The loveseat cleaning
  • The armchair cleaning
  • Ottoman cleaning
  • Sectional or modular sofa cleaning
  • Backless sofa cleaning
  • Classic round arm sofa cleaning 
  • A settee cleaning
  • Rounded wedge arm sofa cleaning
  • Mid-century armchair cleaning
  • Sloped arm sofa cleaning
  • Contemporary armchair cleaning
  • Chesterfield cleaning
  • Chaise chair cleaning
  • Sleeper cleaning
  • Side, Parsons, Wingback and many more dinning chairs cleaning. 

List Of Various Couch Fabrics We Clean 

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Hemp
  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Blends of the yard and so on and so forth. 

We Expertise In Getting Rid Of Any Stubborn Stains 

  • Chocolate stains
  • Nail paint stains 
  • Shoe polish stains
  • Red wine stains
  • Ketchup stains
  • Coffee and tea stains 
  • Grease stains
  • Pet paws prints and excrete stains 
  • Vomit and many more stains which you find hard to get rid of your upholstery. 

Same-Day Couch Cleaning Exclusively For Hobart Residents 

Equally important to our regular couch cleaning Hobart service is our same-day couch upholstery cleaning service. To meet the emergency needs of our clients, we are committed to offering and delivering same-day service from the start of the company in this field. Our couch cleaning professional teams are flat out ready to provide same-day service in the next minute of confirming your booking. Moreover, in Hobart, we have local teams for availing of same-day service because of the needs of our clients; add one may need couch sanitization service, while others may not. 

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Why Choose Us? 

  • Trained, local and licensed experts who are good at couch upholstery cleaning 
  • We specialise in implementing the neat and safe couch cleaning methods 
  • Our couch cleaning service is preferred by many of our clients to their friends and families because of our fixed and affordable prices
  • For any service bookings, we are open to taking your bookings from Monday to Sunday, despite the hour on the clock
  • You can expect on-time service delivery from our side.